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The ACCA Qualification has long since been recognized as one that will provide students with a solid foundation in necessary technical skills and knowledge required to perform a senior role in Finance . With students and members in 170 countries, its popularity is endorsed as a  qualification that has become a global benchmark of accounting excellence. The wealth of knowledge and the experience gained during the intense but well structured course of study has resulted in the students earning more than a qualification but also obtaining a life changing experience that is a well rounded and well balanced one.

Endorsing the value of the qualification, a current student of ACCA , who was a student at the only platinum status tuition provider ,Mercury Institute of Management,  outlined  the value of  her  experience gained through the ACCA qualification. She stated that she chose a career in Finance because “It is the backbone of any company and financiers are the ones that keep it running smoothly. Besides , having a career in Finance guarantee ‘s not only  jobs that are challenging, but they are also amongst the top paid professionals in the industry and offers  a variety of careers to choose from such as insurance, corporate finance, investment banking, financial planning, etc.”

Citing her own ambitions , Shalindri stated that she aims at being a CEO or a Managing Director of a blue chip or listed company someday and drive the company towards success . She looked  upon  running,  and  growing a business  as an exciting and  liberating challenge and said that “the ACCA qualification has guided and helped  me a lot in how  to tackling problems more strategically and it helps me analyze my options in any business  situation. Its rigorous exam syllabus ensures technical competence in a range of key commercial subjects and with increased emphasis on ethical awareness and practical experience to ensure that successful candidates have the skills toolkit to address modern business needs. For instance , the CAT Qualification is suitable for anyone who wants a solid foundation of knowledge in finance and accounting and provides you with all the technical skills and knowledge you need to perform an accounting-support role and work at a technician level. No previous academic qualifications are required to study for this qualification, which is the reason that I started studying for it immediately after my O’Levels and today after one year, I have completed my CAT  qualification. Within the next one year, I will be able to obtain the degree and the following year the ACCA qualification , which has a global acceptance by employers worldwide , that will  course  play a major part in obtaining employment. And all of this will be achievable even before I will complete my A’Levels .I believe , this is where the ACCA qualification has reached a different plateau in terms of quality of content in the  qualification.”

Speaking of her learning experience at Mercury she said “ The course modules were structured in a way that really appeals to a student and the subject matter flows, making it easier to grasp. A large portion of our study is based on practical knowledge. Of course there is academic knowledge as well , which gives us a better understanding of the practicalities. The skills and training including other leadership values instilled by Mercury as well as  extra curricular programmes offered on a large scale at the institution all merged together to provide a comprehensive learning environment for me. The motivation and support received by the lecturers, and other staff at Mercury also went a long way in encouraging me to strive for the best, which enabled me to win Sri Lankan prizes for 3 of the subjects of ACCA’s , CAT qualification and obtain the accolades of being placed number 1 in the world ranking for the subject FA 1, being placed number 6 in the world ranking for the subject FA 2 and being 8th in the world ranking for the subject MA 1.  

Shalindri concluded by saying “Mercury has always been recognized for their efforts in their  commitment in developing all their  students as successful candidates that have made waves in the industry and has also earned the reputation of being the preferred institute for students to gain  an in-depth knowledge  of the ACCA qualification and to gain the know-how  of workplace-based  skills training  .  This is why they still continue to be the only platinum status learning partner of ACCA in Sri Lanka and I have no hesitation in recommending them to any student who wants to study and qualify in ACCA and make a mark in their careers



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