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Health checks done regularly can help identify risk factors before they evolve into an illness or detect diseases at an early stage. Another advantage of health checks is the fact that risk factors and symptoms of critical illnesses are not always visible or felt. Comprehensive Health Checks at Durdans Hospital are aimed at preserving individual health and are designed to screen risk factors and symptoms for multiple non communicable diseases simultaneously.

An array of screening/diagnostic health checks are provided at the Durdans Executive Wellness Centre. Health Checks are designed to meet the personalized needs of individuals. Basic Health Check, Regular Health Check, Executive Health Check and Platinum Health Check are screening packages each with a differing range of tests that are designed to look into different aspects of health in a holistic manner.

The newly refurbished Executive Wellness Centre, located on the 3rd floor, is a one-stop screening facility where individuals and families can experience convenience and superior service. Dr. Shreen Willathgamuwa, Resident Family Physician at Durdans Hospital offers a free consultation to all individuals, where their personal and family history will be discussed. Dr. Willathgamuwa says, “This is an important area in the health check up process to customize the most suitable Health Check package and other relevant tests.” Following the screening, the results will be interpreted along with a complete physical examination. A referral is done if needed.

As Heart Disease is a leading concern for many Sri Lankans, Good Heart Good Health Packages from Durdans Hospital are tailor-made screening packages for heart health. Both men and women can choose a regular or executive package to get an assessment of their heart condition. The choice of the cardiologist remains with the patient.

Durdans Hospital is a pioneer in preventive healthcare where a multidisciplinary panel of experienced specialists lends their expertise for a comprehensive diagnosis. The accuracy of health checks are supported by specialized and state of the art radiological and laboratory services.

For appointments please call 011 2 140 163 or the Durdans 1344 Helpline.

EditorJanuary 9, 2018


On 8th January 2018, the State Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Corporation of Sri Lanka (SPMC) and Pharma Zone (Pvt) Ltd entered into an agreement to build the first ever exclusive pharmaceutical manufacturing zone of Sri Lanka in the Welipenna area of the Kalutara district at an investment in excess of US $ 10 million.

Pharma Zone (Pvt) Ltd , located on 50 acres is a BOI approved company whose principals are His Majesty the Sultan of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Ismail Ibni Sultan Iskandar and Mr. Patrick Lim Soo Kit, a leading Malaysian entrepreneur. It is His Majesty’s desire that this investment results not only in commercial success but also that it will benefit as many Sri Lankan citizens and promote closer commercial and diplomatic relations between the people of Sri Lanka and Johor.

The Sultan’s investment vehicle, Inti Kemuncak Sdn Bhd is a well-established property development company based in Malaysia focusing on large scale property development in the Asian region. Inti Kemuncak is the innovative developer of major townships and urban regeneration projects including Coronation Square, a US $ 1.2 billion international class urban mixed development located within the prestigious Ibrahim International Business District (IIBD) in Johor Bahru

The Hon Minister of Health, Dr. Rajitha Senaratne along with other representatives of the SPMC and Pharma Zone (Pvt) Ltd participated in the event which was held at Waters Edge. The Pharma Zone will facilitate the local pharmaceutical manufacturers with sufficient land for manufacturing plants and basic infrastructure facilities for the manufacture of pharmaceutical products with a view to achieving the Government’s target of localising production of essential pharmaceutical items to a value of US$100 million, thus saving valuable foreign exchange.

The Hon Minister of Health, Dr. Rajitha Senaratne expressed his gratitude to the Sultan and the people of Johor Malaysia for making the Pharma Zone a reality. He said that the establishment of the Pharma Zone by His Majesty the Sultan of Johor would hopefully give confidence and encourage other overseas investors to follow suit.

“We are delighted to enter into this agreement with the government of Sri Lanka which has always enjoyed warm relations with Malaysia. It is the fervent wish of His Majesty Sultan Ibrahim, that this venture not only brings commercial prosperity to Sri Lanka but benefits the people by way of reduced pricing as well as the ready availability of drugs”, said Mr Lim speaking on the occasion. “This is a 100 % Malaysian investment and it underlines the high regard that the Sultan and the people of Johor for Sri Lanka”.

Chairman  SPMC, Dr. Sayura Samarasundara said that with the completion of the Pharma  Zone, envisaged to be in operation within one year, the Country’s dependency on imported drugs will soon become a thing of the past.

The Zone will be run and administered by Pharma Zone, headed by Mr Patrick Lim Soo Kit, while the SPMC along with the Ministry of Health will set the standards and monitor quality.

Electricity, water, road infrastructure, security, waste water management, etc will all be provided to the companies operating within the Zone, and it is the intention of Pharma Zone to attract overseas investors to set up operations within the Zone as well. “We will be marketing Pharma Zone regionally,” said Mr Lim.

With the establishment of Pharma Zone it is hoped that most of Sri Lanka’s drug availability and cost issues will soon come to an end.

EditorJanuary 9, 2018


Kiddies & Toys International (KTI), Sri Lanka’s leading distributor of premium mother and childcare brands, in partnership with Ninewells Hospital recently unveiled their latest showroom Farlin Baby Store by Cool Kidz at the hospital for easy access by new families.

Designed specifically to meet the needs of pregnant mothers and infants, the exclusive showroom brings together an exceptional range of products from premium brands like Farlin, Chicco, Leap Frog, and Fisher price as well as the company’s own Kids Joy.

With this collaboration KTI has made their latest showroom more than a one-stop shop for everything an infant needs but also a lifestyle partner that helps new parents on their journey from the beginning. It is in this vein, along with Ninewells, that KTI has organised monthly workshops for mothers on parenting and feeding related topics to help guide them through this new chapter of their life. The Farlin Baby Store also offers a free delivery service for Farlin Diapers within the Colombo area so mothers can worry about one less thing each month and have diapers delivered to their doorstep as and when they need them.

Commenting on the launch Mr Ajantha Wickramarathne, Head of Strategic Business Unit International Baby Brands, said, “With the Farlin Baby Store we were looking to take another step forward from simply being a one-stop shop for premium mother and childcare brands. It was essential to us that we form a relationship with new parents and be a part of their child’s journey. Hence, we not only designed the store to be a place they would love but also one with essential services and educational material to help mothers during the caregiving period. Following that special time the store is also equipped to fulfil the needs of their child with toys, clothes, learning material, and entertainment through the initial stages of their life. The Farlin Baby Store is the next evolution of the store catering specifically to expecting mothers and infants.”

Founded in 2005, Ninewells Hospital is a pioneering maternity and child health hospital that provides their patients with comprehensive care including fertility services ranging from counselling, ongoing antenatal services to labour and delivery, surgery and critical care services.

Kiddies & Toys International (KTI) Pvt. Limited is the exclusive agent for Farlin, Chicco LEGO, Barbie and Mattel brands in Sri Lanka with over 20 years’ of experience in the baby, Kids and mother care industry by featuring an outstanding range of premium child and mother care products as well as one of the largest selections of branded toys in Sri Lanka.

Kiddies and Toys International (Pvt) Ltd, E-guardian Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, DCS International (Pvt) Ltd and Digital Engineering Solutions (Pvt) Ltd are the main subsidiaries of LIMRA Holdings, which has business interest in industries of ICT, mother care, baby care, toys, and engineering is mandated to identify, invest, acquire and manage business ventures profitably.

EditorJanuary 5, 2018


Medical laboratory investigations guide clinicians in their diagnosis where accurate, reliable and timely reports with quality checking are sought after by all. With a history of over 2 decades in medical laboratory diagnostics, Durdans Laboratory comprises an established network of over 55 Durdans owned locations and over 2500 partner collection centres island-wide, dedicated in supporting medical specialists and patients with convenience.

Dedicated to serve patients with care and promptness, medical laboratory technicians and support staff work around the clock to collect, transport, analyse and report results under the guidance and scrutiny of an eminent panel of a consultant pathologist. Furthermore, Durdans Laboratory further enhances convenience and patient care by enabling mobile sample collection service in most parts of Sri Lanka.

The diagnostic arm of Durdans Hospital is synonymous with specialised diagnostic services. “We have a panel of over 700 laboratory investigations in the areas of Biochemistry, Heamatology, Clinical Pathology, Immunology, Special Chemistry, Microbiology, Histopathology and Molecular Biology and are committed to constantly introduce new investigations that support the areas of preventive and curative medicine” says Mr. Mahanil Perera, Head of Laboratory.

Reliability is measured by accuracy, precision, specificity and sensitivity. To ensure that these parameters are met, strict internal and external quality checks such as CAP, AAB and Bio Rad Quality Controls are conducted regularly to verify whether the range of the results is in line with the expected measurements.

Furthermore, high safety and quality standards are maintained by Durdans Laboratory; evidently being awarded the Gold Seal of Approval by Joint Commission International (JCI) by the world’s leading accreditation organisation based in the US. In addition, Durdans Laboratory has ISO 15189 accreditation by the Sri Lanka Accreditation Board (SLAB) for Conformity Assessment which is the National Accreditation Authority for Sri Lanka.

With our loyal customers at heart, Durdans Laboratory strives for clinical excellence and technological advancements to ensure accuracy and reliability. The rapid expansion plan and the introduction of new systems will add further convenience to the community along with access to reports via email and the Durdans website. An easy to remember Durdans Helpline 1344 could be dialled from any network.

EditorJanuary 4, 2018


January 2, 2018:  Sri Lanka’s pioneer Private healthcare provider, Nawaloka Hospitals recently installed the second MRI Scanner to offer more accurate and efficient diagnostic and imaging services which will avoid waiting times for their patients.

This new scanner is a Philips Ingenia 1.5TCX Digital MRI Scanner and is one of the best cardiac specialized and abdominal specialized machines in the world which is capable of giving a detailed and a clearer scan of the abdomen compared to other conventional equipment. The new machine is an addition to the present 3 Tesla MRI scanner which has a host of special features. Together, these two scanners will provide a comprehensive and total MRI service, as available internationally, now in Sri Lanka.

The new upgraded machine also has ambient lighting to create a relaxed atmosphere for the patient and prevent anxiety; this feature is called an in-bore experience. This is the first fully digital MRI scanner in Sri Lanka and Nawaloka Hospitals takes pride in being the forerunner in terms of upgrading and updating technology-wise to accommodate latest technology in the world and offer Sri Lankans world-class healthcare services at affordable rates.

What truly sets Nawaloka Hospital’s radiology unit apart is that it comes with a host of advanced machines and is coupled with the expert care of a panel of professionals including over 21 senior radiologists and more than 60 staff members including well-experienced and trained nursing staff.

Diagnostic Imaging is central to disease management because it helps to detect and determine treatment. In that regard, Nawaloka Hospital has invested substantially in upgrading their radiology facilities, staying true to their pledge towards ensuring a healthier Sri Lanka.

The Radiology Department offers some special benefits like report delivering facility for a reasonable cost, e-mailing reports to patients, special patient care within the department whilst offering a homely atmosphere and less time for examinations.

Another first, Nawaloka Hospitals has implemented a Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) at the Radiology Unit installing workstations for every scan room and connecting all modalities (MRI/CT/XRay/Ultra Sound/ Mammogram) to the system to make all reports centrally accessible to consultants. This allows radiologists to prepare a more comprehensive report referring to patients’ history which makes detection and treatment of conditions increasingly easy.

With the implementation of the new system, the number of films has been minimized and in future Nawaloka Hospitals radiology department will issue a CD for every patient in a bid to go completely paperless. Each radiologist has been issued an e-signature and they are able to do remote-reporting, another first in Sri Lanka, by using the PACS as a platform.

The hospital preserves scanned details of every patient up to five years and these records are accessible by ICUs, Medical Officers and consultants via any authorised computer. Patients also have the option of getting their reports emailed to them and relevant consultants at no extra cost.

Nawaloka Hospitals Radiology Department has the most advanced CT scanner in the South Asian region, Toshiba Aquilion One 640 CT Scanner, which is best known for its super speed and crystal clear pictures. This is the most advanced and first 640 slice CT Scan machine in the region and takes less time for examination.

Nawaloka Hospitals radiology department performs around 1200 MRI scans and 900 CT scans per month and is the only radiology department in the country that has the machines to carry out special cardiac scans (heart scans) and CT Angiogram Scans.

For more details and appointments, call Nawaloka Hospitals Radiology department on 011-5577111/076-6742323.

EditorJanuary 3, 2018


January 02, 2018: The Sri Lanka Chamber of the Pharmaceutical Industry (SLCPI) in a statement to media said they were grateful for the effective action taken by the Ministry of Health in increasing the price of drugs by 5%. Implemented in October 2016 on 48 molecules, the price ceiling impacted the pharmaceutical Industry, particularly as importers had to reimburse retailers and distributors for the stocks held at the time of the pricing ceiling and in support of effective implementation.

Since March 2014, when all pharmaceuticals products were gazetted as essential items, prices of most drugs have remain unchanged despite the devaluation of Lankan Rupee from 130 to 155 for 1 USD. Most pharma companies did not adjust prices expecting a viable long-term pricing mechanism as envisaged in the National Medicines Regulatory Authority (NMRA) Act, thereby sustaining losses year on year.

“The government’s increase of prices of 48 drugs was well considered and appropriate, given global market conditions. Globally, the disease burden on countries and economies has been shifting to non-communicable diseases (NCDs) like diabetes, cardio-vascular diseases, cancer and lung-related diseases. Addressing the NCD burden will call for new and innovative medicines, including biologics, and new forms of treatment and therapies” stated Shyam Sathasivam, President of SLCPI.

“Almost 90% of pharmaceutical products are imported and the exchange rate impacts significantly on the pricing. The exchange devaluation of the LKR has greatly increased the cost of pharmaceutical products causing a risk to its continuity,” he stated.

SLCPI asserts that access to healthcare includes access to medicines. “It is important that healthcare be affordable; much of healthcare is already very affordable in Sri Lanka. Currently, around 80% of inpatient care and 50% of outpatient care is provided by the public system, while the private sector accounts for the remaining. Capping prices on much-needed medicines for cancer and cardio-vascular diseases, for example, in the name of making them affordable could result in their not being available for the people that need them. Many of those medicines have to be imported, since we do not make them. In raising prices even marginally, the government has balanced affordability with availability so that the patients receive the benefits of both”, stated SLCPI

EditorDecember 21, 2017


The first Sri Lankan nurse to successfully complete the Advanced Life Support (ALS) provider course conducted by the European Resuscitation Council (ERC) is from Asiri Surgical Hospital.  The hospital announced that staff nurse Ms. T. Nadeesha Pushpamali, attached to the Cardio Thoracic Intensive Care Unit has been selected to be trained as an instructor for the European Resuscitation Council ALS courses. The spokesperson for the hospital stated “we are proud of her exceptional performance at the course. Her achievement is an honour for Asiri Health as well as Sri Lanka, now rapidly becoming an upcoming medical care destination in Asia.”

Dr. Anil Perera together with Dr. Gayanie Senanayake and Dr Gitanjali Jayatilaka, Consultant Anaesthesiologists of Asiri Surgical Hospital, groomed Ms. Pushpamali to take part in the ALS course. Asiri Surgical Hospital already has three doctors, Dr. Gitanjali Jayatilaka, Dr. Kasun Samarasinhe and Dr. Thalia Jayasekera, who are ERC full qualified instructors in Advanced Life Support training.

Asiri Health being the innovative leader in the private health care sector in the country is equipped with a skilled workforce and encourages its employees to keep up to date with the latest advances in the global health care industry.

“We are the pioneers in bringing in the latest technology for the betterment of our nation and being in line with our corporate values, we are happy to groom our staff members to achieve internationally accepted skill standards” explained the spokesperson.

The ALS course provides a standardized approach to cardiopulmonary resuscitation in adults and it aims to train candidates to identify the causes of cardiac arrest, recognize patients in danger of deterioration and manage both the cardiac arrest and the ‘peri-arrest’ problems encountered in the first hour or so after initial resuscitation from a cardiac arrest.

The ERC (European Resuscitation Council) has been setting up internationally recognized guidelines over the past century for cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and emergency medical care. The ERC Advanced Life Support course is a standardized European course teaching evidence-based resuscitation guidelines and skills to healthcare professionals in Europe and other countries worldwide.

EditorDecember 21, 2017


Nothing says Christmas like a thoughtful gift, and it’s definitely the season to gift loved ones their favourites from The Body Shop Colombo’s extensive seasonal gift collection. Be it a sister, a mum, a stressed-out friend or colleague or unkempt male, this range of hair and skincare products won’t disappoint you when it comes to options-and best of all, what could be easier than picking out a gift for each lucky person on your Christmas list from one place?

For Mum:

Get the Drops of Youth skincare range to keep her skin safe, sound and very happy. This 100% vegan youth enhancing solution is designed for skin that is regularly exposed to polluted environment, helping to leave skin looking smoother, fresher and healthier with instant moisturization. Open her eyes to the luxuries of skincare with the Drops of Youth eye concentrate that focuses on the delicate eye area, energized by edelweiss plant stem cells to instantly refresh the eye contour.

Or choose Oils of Life for a formula that can infuse life back into tired skin with four revitalizing products. Three potent natural seed oils (Black Cumin, Camellia and Rosehip) meld to create this daily life-infusing skincare range; Intensely Revitalizing Essence Lotion, the Intensely Revitalizing Facial Oil, Intensely Revitalizing Gel Cream for a light finish and the hydrating Intensely Revitalizing Cream for a quickly absorbent but penetrating finish.

For the men in your life:

The Maca Root routine for all skin types is specially formulated to help tired looking skin and improve its condition. Packed with community fair trade brazil nut oil, the package of goodies comes with a Shaving Cream to prepare the skin for a close and comfortable shave while moisturizing skin, a wooden shaving brush to distribute cream evenly, and Razor Relief-a lightweight silky-smooth balm that instantly soothes the skin after shaving. The range is suitable for all skin types.

For your sister:

Let her glow with The Body Shop’s range of expert masks bursting to the brim with 100% vegetarian superfoods. Himalayan Charcoal, British Rose, Amazonian Acai, Chinese Ginseng and Ethiopian Honey star in recipes inspired by traditional beauty remedies around the world. These masks are ideal for any type of skin, and can be used on different areas of the face for a powerful super-facial mask to give skin a massive boost. They also come in handy-sized jars, perfect for carrying on the go.

For your Vegan Friend

For the friend with a green conscience, buy the Wild Argan Oil Gift Set. Filled with an irresistible collection of bath and body treats, this nourishing selection includes a shower gel, body scrub, body butter, soap and bath lily cream. Or you can gift her The Himalayan Charcoal mask or the British Rose or Amazonian Acai MASK which is 100% vegan and new super food for your face.

For your stressed-out colleague:

Inspire some seasonal zen with Aqua, a soothing mask for the delicate eye area to help them relax. Or gift them the Pomegranate Refreshing Eye Roll On, an ultra-lightweight, roll-on moisturizer for the eye area-stroke under the eyes for brighter, smoother-looking and firmer-feeling skin.

For friends and colleagues:

A handy set of four miniature brushes for cheeks, eyes and lips in a mirrored wallet. The blusher, eyeshadow, lipstick and concealer and slanted brushes come in a little pouch, perfect for making up on the go. Or indulge them with a gift box – choose from ranges including British Rose, Tea Tree Oil, Ultimate Strawberry, Satsuma, Green Tea, Almond Milk and Honey, Argan Oil, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Moringa and Body Butters. Choose also from cute little stocking stuffers-Shea, Satsuma or strawberry bars of soap and lip butters.

These products and more are available at The Body Shop outlets on Bagatale Road and Odel, Alexandra Place-or via

Every gift purchased from The Body Shop’s seasonal gift collection will go towards Play for Peace, a campaign in partnership with peace building NGO International Alert. Proceeds will go towards helping refugee children affected by the Syrian war to heal through play.


EditorDecember 20, 2017


December 12, 2017: Given the rising global prevalence of cardiovascular diseases – which is responsible for one-third of deaths worldwide and a staggering 40% of deaths in Sri Lanka – The Sri Lanka Chamber of the Pharmaceutical Industries (SLCPI) called for urgent proactive stakeholder engagement to increase awareness on preventative care for CVD.

A broad disease category that encompasses coronary heart disease (CHD), stroke and peripheral vascular disease, current World Health Organization (WHO) estimates project CVS prevalence and mortality rates to double to 80% by 2020, with developing nations – particularly in the South Asian region – having to face the brunt of this rising epidemic.

In that context, SLCPI Chairman Shyam Sathasivam called for urgent proactive measures to be implemented with a view to increasing awareness of CVD risk factors and treatment, together with a concerted, systematic approach to combatting the disease.

 “The breadth of underlying factors that contribute to CVD points to the need for decisive, long-term, multi-sectoral initiatives to combat this rising epidemic. A cornerstone of such a strategy must necessarily include the promotion of healthy diet and lifestyle choices. As a nation, we must work to help our citizens to understand the clear relationship CVD and an unhealthy diet, tobacco use and a sedentary lifestyle.

Similarly, we must place an equal emphasis on active collaboration and partnership between the public and private sectors in order to refine our healthcare delivery mechanisms in a manner that ultimately provides improved outcomes for patients, and prevents the spread of this deadly non-communicable disease.”

According to Sathasivam, the investment of capital, time and resources towards such proactive measures would be clearly felt in the economic performance of the nation given the complex interrelationship between economic development and the cost of disease on the productive capacity of a workforce, and the economy at large.

 CVD can affect the entire economy of a developing nation. Disability, early mortality, and direct health expenditures can divert resources from savings, investment, and other productive uses, affecting economic well-being at the household level and growth potential at the national level.

Such challenges are keenly felt, even in developed economies with the American economy projected to have 100% of its Federal Budget having to be allocated towards healthcare by the year 2040, if rates of disease continue to increase at their current rates.

“Factors which contribute to CVD can be categorized into different sectors; behavioral factors (diet and physical activity), biological factors (blood pressure, cholesterol, BMI), health systems’ factors (access to better screening, diagnosis, and quality of medication), psychosocial factors (depression, anxiety, acute and chronic and lack of social support) and inter-sectoral factors (tobacco control policies). These factors provide the basis for a strong strategy to be implemented and coordinated across different sector, which integrates health promotion, prevention, and disease management as part of a long-term, comprehensive approach. Such approach would be ideal to promote the concept ‘cardiovascular health’ among Sri Lankans by employing a number of intervention policies that would accommodate distinctions according to context and background,” Sathasivam explained.

In that regard, he reiterated that in addition to efforts to popularize cardiovascular health in the country, the most important factor in fighting CVDs is to take a proactive stance against them. Relevant policies and programs to change the factors that contribute to CVD would be designed to work through population-wide approaches, through interventions within health systems and through community-based programs with components in schools, worksites, and other community settings, in a proactive manner.

“For individuals already at high risk or with existing disease, a proper proactive approach would combine education, support, and incentives to both address behavioral risk factors and improve adherence to clinical interventions. Participation in this approach extends beyond clinical providers and public health approaches including public media outlets, community leaders, and related sectors, especially food and agriculture policy, transportation and urban planning, and private-sector entities such as the pharmaceutical industry. All these players are potential partners both in assessing needs and capacity and in developing and implementing solutions.”

 “Developing countries like ours will want to focus efforts on goals that promise to be economically feasible and have the highest possibility of intervention success. Priorities are different from a country to country but we can achieve significant progress in reducing cardiovascular diseases in a short term by implementing a set of prioritized tasks such as reduction of salt in the food supply and in consumption and improved delivery of clinical prevention using pharmaceutical involvements in high-risk patients,” Sathasivam explained.

 Another key step in addressing CVD is to strengthen health systems to deliver high-quality, responsive care for the prevention and management of CVD. Improving health care delivery includes provider-level strategies, financing, integration of care, workforce development, and access to essential medical products.

 “The local pharmaceutical industry understands the importance of providing our people with quality medication and state-of-the-art facilities to better screen and treat cardiovascular diseases to ensure a far healthier population and the SLCPI is fully committed to working with the Ministry of Health to reach this achievable goal,” stated Shyam Sathasivam further.

 He further observed that the devising of a viable pricing mechanism for imported medicines could greatly assist the healthcare industry combating the detrimental effects of CVDs, by making top-quality medication available in Sri Lanka as well, and uplifting its risk mitigation capabilities.

While improving the quality of health services is vital to reduce the impact of cardiovascular diseases on Sri Lanka’s development, individuals too need to focus on improved lifestyles. Regular medical checkups and proper medication are necessary to ensure early detection and prevention, coupled with more active routines and improved diet.

 In that regard, Sathasivam reiterated the SLCPI’s firm belief that in the battle against these diseases, a stronger health system supported by increased funding, more stringent regulations and increased collaboration of the Ministry of Health and associated medical bodies will be an absolute necessity.

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