DesignSoft Introduces MenSitpi based ERP Plus solution


DesignSoft Technologies (Pvt) Ltd, is an R&D based software firm which has for years strived to deliver a development platform and Runtime environment for business processes that can be used without huge implementation costs, bugs or even without coding. Every piece of software requires coding, yet with each line of code it is an incidence cost and more lines of code would mean more instances of a bug or delay occurring. There is also the considerable question of how a system can be integrated within an organization without causing disruption to how the organization operates and enables the organization to maintain existing processes which make them unique.

To this end DesignSoft has introduced, MenSitpi. MenSitpi is a platform which can be used to mirror any business processes across any industry and as such can be customized in such a way that it would not only allow organizations to keep their unique features but also add more efficiency and streamline their number of processes and other software needed.

Commenting on the MenSitpi platform, K. Ramathas, CEO and Chief Architect of MenSitpi expressed, “We saw there was a need for a system such as MenSitpi because, through decades of experience in the industry, it was very obvious that integrating a system to make your processes smoother actually creates another set of problems”. He further added that “Even beyond the time and financial commitments, the simple fact that such a software is not able to mirror the practices of a business, instead requiring the business to adapt was something that put many clients dissatisfied, and we saw this as an opportunity to introduce what the industries were calling for; a system which is able to adapt to each and every business operation it was to be used in”.

MenSitpi prides itself in being able to adapt to any industry that it will be used in. It operates on a premise of pre-developed yet customizable set of functions which act as building blocks to satisfy the requirements of an organization. MenSitpi has developed these functionalities for a number of industries such as Trading and Distribution, Manufacturing, Newspaper Industry, Apparel Industry, Tea blending and Export, Tour operating industry, Financial services Industry, Insurance Industry, Construction Industry, Plantation Industry, Hotel and hospital Industry and functions of Membership Management.

MenSitpi aims to facilitate businesses to function more efficiently and at the heart of the development of MenSitpi this was always the priority. Rather than relying on pure IT driven experts, MenSitpi-based building blocks for ERP Plus has been developed with a handful yet highly innovative management graduates with a flair for information systems. Due to this MenSitpi has been equipped from the onset the various needs of each particular industry and has managed to serve these functions.

Commenting on the benefits of the adoption of MenSitpi driven product, Shuganthy Shanmugalingam Director, DesignSoft added that, MenSitpi makes Business application development several fold reliable, less costly and inherently agile than any one of the development platforms for business applications in the whole World.”

DesignSoft also prides itself in ensuring any additional functionality that is required is designed within a fraction of time with no delays. As with any expansion into multiple industries or organization, whenever there is a requirement to add or develop a new functional block, it can easily be facilitated using MenSitpi.“If a particular block is not available, DesignSoft will constructthe required block in no time, thanks to MenSitpi. We can also get it right the first time, every time.” said team lead Suvarka.

MenSitpi at present has been adopted by a number of industries and organization who have reaped excellent rewards. Being a non-programming requiring platform or minimal programming requiring platform MenSitpi is also able to advance regardless of the technological changes as it is able to also integrate such technologies without creating technological latency periods.

DesignSoft, currently offers a multitude of MenSitpi based products which can also help any industry as well as organizations, and with interest in the platform growing it’s looking towards global expansion in the near future.

DesignSoft will also be showcasing MenSitpi at Infotel 2017, as the Silver Sponsor, during 2nd to 5th November, and we invite stakeholders across all industries to visit our DesignSoft stalls 1 & 2 and experience for yourself the power of MenSitpi and how we can be of service to you.

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