Fouzul Hameed to present exclusive Envoy Concept 2018 under the theme ‘CurioCity’ this November


Hameedia, Sri Lanka’s leading menswear specialist will soon present the fifth edition of its annual fashion showcase – Envoy Concept 2018. This year, the show will run under the theme ‘CurioCity’, and is meant to inspire urban men to embrace their curiosity and intrigue when it comes to fashion, grooming and the latest style trends. The event will feature seven exclusive clothing collections including Down to Earth, Art in Loom, Contemporary, De Rigueur, GENZ, Prince of Wales and Celebrate Life, which will be made available at Hameedia outlets Island-wide during the course of 2018.

The Envoy Concept show is the only one of its kind in the country and derives its inspiration from global and international standards of menswear fashion. This year’s theme ‘CurioCity’ is meant to encourage gentlemen from all walks of life and professional backgrounds, to learn more about the latest trends in the fashion industry, so they can equip themselves with the knowledge and expertise needed to put together a mix of chic, eclectic, trendy and timeless looks.

The fifth edition of Concept will be graced this year by the presence of Jack Eyers – Mr. England 2017/2018 who is also the Brand Ambassador of Envoy London. He will be attending the event, along with his two colleagues, Jack Hesslewood – 1st runner up, Mr. England 2017/2018 and Zac Oldershaw – 2nd runner up, Mr. England 2017/2018.

Envoy Concept 2018 will present exclusive collections that draw on the latest fashion trends and embody elegance and sophistication; two quintessential elements of fashion. The collections will feature shirts, trousers, jackets, kurthas, printed shirts, smart casual must-haves, pieces for power dressing, as well as an array of formal attire. Tailored with the finest fabrics and embellishments, each collection has been designed to encapsulate the essences of confidence, boldness and suavity that together will enable gentlemen to step out in style on every occasion. With its consistent commitment to upholding global standards, Hameedia continues to complement every man’s sense of style and fashion by enabling him to look his best at all times.

Commenting on the highly anticipated Envoy Concept 2018 show, Fouzul Hameed – Managing Director, Hameedia Group said: “The Concept show is at the forefront of the Sri Lankan fashion industry and is the most highly anticipated men’s fashion event of the year. Initiated as a stepping stone to transform the menswear fashion industry in the country, each year the show has become bigger and better and now features an expanded portfolio of world-class garments. This year, we are delighted to have our Envoy London Brand Ambassador, Mr. England 2017/2018 and the 1st and 2nd runners up from the competition attending the showcase. As a Sri Lankan brand, we are extremely proud to have partnered with such a prestigious international event such as the Mr. England competition, and we look forward to Jack Eyers and his colleagues being a part of this year’s event. The ability to make a strong fashion statement can bolster a man’s self-esteem whilst speaking volumes about his personality and character. The Concept 2018 show offers an extensive range of the latest and most contemporary designs and outfits that meet the needs and styles of modern men with varying tastes and personalities.”

As serving society has always been a core value of the Hameedia Group, the ‘Concept 2018 – CurioCity’ showcase will feature a variety of fundraising initiatives that will support the ‘My Friend’ project. All proceeds from the show will help educate children in underprivileged schools in the country through the ‘My Friend’ foundation. This year, partners that specialize in men’s retail as well as many lifestyle brands, will also come on board for the showcase. These partners include Dialog as the official telecommunications partner, Vision Care as the official eye care partner, adidas as the official sportswear partner, Real Men as the official fragrance partner, Management Studios as the official knowledge partner and The Kingsbury Hotel is named as the official hospitality partner of the event.


Down to Earth: Best known for its temperature regulating properties, Hameedia’s Linen collection titled “Down to Earth” is ideal for men who are seeking comfortable yet stylish clothing options, that are perfect for island life and the tropical heat of Sri Lanka. The collection, a mix of staples such as trousers, shirts and sarongs, as well as accessories such as ties, bows and pocket squares are designed to help men keep the heat at bay during the summer months whilst leaving them feeling fresh throughout long and exhausting days. Moreover, the Down to Earth range will also provide versatile attire that customers can mix and match for different occasions.

Art in Loom: Featuring an array of contemporary styles, the Art in Loom collection of the show will offer men the opportunity to choose from a variety of the most recent fashion trends. This collection will feature bold and iconic prints that are a must-have in every wardrobe.

Contemporary: The third segment of the 2018 Concept show, the Contemporary collection will feature an exquisite range of chic day and evening wear.

De Rigueur: The De Rigueur collection will offer more laid-back and trendy styles of clothing.

GENZ: GENZ, the fifth segment featured in the show will allow men to colour coordinate garments to their liking.

Prince of Wales: The Prince of Wales collection will enable them to convey a strong self-image and create defining looks that are ideal for men in the corporate world and business arena.

Celebrate Life: The seventh segment of the event, “Celebrate Life” is dedicated to a ceremonial set of garments, tailor-made to add refined and classy overtones to a man’s overall look.

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