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Sri Lanka’s National Mobile Service Provider, Mobitel, further entrenches its credentials as the ICT leader in Sri Lanka, by expanding its product portfolio to offer smart home solutions to customers by leveraging on its platform that can accommodate IoT (Internet of Things) requirements for the growing smart home segment. Mobitel is proud to extend comprehensive smart home solutions backed by Mobitel 4G Wi-Fi connectivity for customers to help convert their homes into smart homes for greater convenience and accessibility even on the go.

Mobitel smart home solutions enable customers to convert their current home set up into a smart set up that can be monitored and operated on the go via an application on their smartphone. The Mobitel smart home app can control lights which can be switched on and off remotely and even change colours and shades. Alarm sensors can also be monitored while responding to alerts. The app empowers customers to monitor temperature and humidity sensors to control humidity levels as needed in the home. Motion detecting sensors are also linked via this app, providing alerts when people are moving around the home, with notifications sent to the app to alert the owner. The smoke detector is also connected and if someone rings the door bell while the owner is away, it alerts the app user. The Smart lock is also activated through the app with a special finger print and password. In an advanced safety feature, a Smart panic button is also specially designed for elders and when pressed sends notification to the app asking for help. These are a few key features that the solution has to offer. These situations are demonstrated in a live setting at Mobitel’s Internet of Things (IoT) Concept Store, X Station on Duplication Road for anyone to walk in and experience.

Smart home solutions keep rapidly evolving in the global context and are now being adapted locally as well. These innovative solution not only keep you connected while on the go but also improve the quality and convenience of day to day life overall. Mobitel has a range of packages to cater to the customers customized needs and further details can be obtained via the hotline 1717.

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