Kelani Cables PLC provides know-how in electrical wire manufacturing to electrical technicians in Batticaloa district.

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Electrical technicians who came to Kelani Cables PLC from Batticaloa district Electrical technicians who came to Kelani Cables PLC from Batticaloa district

Kelani Cables PLC, Sri Lanka’s number one brand in secure electrical and communication cables provided knowledge in electrical wire manufacturing to a team of electrical technicians representing Batticaloa district recently.

Training was provided under the Kelani Visura CSR program to a selected team of 50 technicians representing Akkaraipattu, Batticaloa and Kalmunai.

They were provided with transport by the company to travel from Batticaloa and return to their hometown. They were taken to two biggest Kelani Cables factories in Kelaniya and Siyambalape to provide comprehensive knowledge in manufacturing various types of wires and their production processes.

In addition, a workshop to upgrade their knowledge with newest methods practiced in the electrical technical sphere was conducted by B. Sudakaran, the chief engineer of water treating plant in Batticaloa.

Kelani Cables PLC Sales Manager (Distribution) Chaminda Waidyatilleke and Sales Controller Ralph Roshan subsequent to doing a research with Zonal Sales Manager V Aravindan have found out, electrical technicians in the vicinity having nominal knowledge in electrical wire manufacturing process. Thus the team has decided to bring these technicians to Colombo to offer them with the opportunity to witness diverse wire manufacturing processes.
Anil Munasinghe, General Manager Sales, Kelani Cables PLC commented, “Our Company via 'Kelani Visura' CSR program provides knowledge to electrical technicians on an island wide basis. Nearly 20,000 electrical technicians have obtained 'Kelani Visura' memberships already. They with their family members enjoy benefits of 'Kalani Visura' throughout the year. This is the second occasion we entertained electrical technicians at our factories with the object of letting them witness electrical wire manufacturing processes”.

He added, “When we communicated with these electrical technicians, we got to know they have very little knowledge in wires though they have been working in the sector for many years. They lacked knowledge as regards, how to select wires with quality, what goes into the manufacturing process as raw material and tactics to safeguard wires. Thus we offered them this opportunity to visit our factories to witness wire manufacturing process. We intend to provide this opportunity to electrical technicians all over the island”.

Kelani Cables PLC is a one hundred percent Sri Lankan company serving the nation for 48 years manufacturing electrical and communication cables. The company achieved “Super Brands” status in the electrical and telecommunication sector in 2008 for professional supremacy it demonstrated in the electrical and communication cables sphere.

In 2012, Kalanai Cables PLC clinched the bronze award for the excellent business brand category at the SLIM Brand Excellence. It clinched gold at the SLIM Brand Excellence once again in 2013 for the same category. The company secured gold at the SLITAD People Development – 2013 award ceremony for the contribution it has made towards training and development of the work-force plus up-keeping their welfare.

Kelani Cables PLC is the proud recipient of ISO 9000:2008 certification for quality, ISO 14001:2004 for better environment management, National Standards award and the gold winner of Taiki Akimoto 5S award.

In 2015 Kelani Cables PLC was conferred with the Asia’s Best Employer Brand award. Kelani Cables was recognized for sustainable development at the National Green Awards in 2015. The company bagged Silver award for best organizational CSR brand under the B2B brand category at the SLIM Brand Excellence awards in 2015.

National HR Excellence Silver award in 2016 and Green Reporting Gold award at the Presidential Environmental Awards in the same year are other achievements.

Kelani Cables PLC is one of the first companies in Sri Lanka that took oaths to adhere to National Green Reporting System. As a green oriented and socially responsible company, Kelani Cables PLC has been certified to use the ‘Responsible Care’ label which has added immense value to the company’s reputation in the export market sector.

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