SLIM invites entries for NASCO awards to Champion Sales Personal Featured

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Sunday, 11th June 2017, Colombo: Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM), the national body for  marketing, invites organisations to nominate outstanding individuals from their sales teams for the National Sales Congress (NASCO), the premier national level  event dedicated to recognise and reward the efforts and performance of sales personnel. The NASCO awards is the only National level Sales Awards of its kind in Sri Lanka.  Winners at NASCO gain valuable exposure, experience and recognition for themselves and for the companies they work for, by being awarded in the presence of their industry peers. Entries for the NASCO awards close on 16th June 2017.

Stephen Paulraj – Head of the Judging Panel of NASCO awards, commented, "Selling is an integral part of any business growth. It is a must to reward, recognize, encourage and also promote sales as a profession at national level to make it a career to choose and prosper. Taking part in a national level event such as NASCO gives the necessary confidence, pride and recognition to everyone who participates. NASCO provides a great foundation for young sales talent to nurture and prosper. We welcome all companies who want to boost their sales function to enter the NASCO awards."

Although sales teams are generally rewarded and recognized by their organizations, gaining recognition at NASCO focuses the national spotlight on these deserving candidates. Organizations are increasingly recognizing the significance of the sales function, as sales teams are the ones who convert organizations plans and objectives into action. This national level recognition imparts communication, self-esteem and self-confidence for sales personnel as they make that significant transition from being heroes in their organizations to national sales heroes.

Commenting on SLIM NASCO 2017, Karthik Elangovan, President – SLIM, said, "Winning a NASCO award can enhance the careers of those nominated as it reflects the value that the company places on them. We expect NASCO 2017 to be an exciting platform for the sales fraternity to network among themselves and celebrate their noteworthy sales achievements. We are delighted to invite entries for NASCO 2017 to recognise and reward outstanding sales personnel from diverse sectors who make an immense contribution to their company's success. The objective of NASCO Awards is to motivate and nurture the sales fraternity of the country by enhancing their learning curve in salesmanship."

Commenting on the judging process, Stephen Paulraj, said "The NASCO award winners are selected after a stringent selection and judging process. The participants are divided into three groups based on the general sales role that they play in an organization. A Front liner is a person who converts products and services into cash, a supervisor / executive is who supports and functionally guides a Front liner to make a sale and Area / Regional manager is one who plans and executes all selling activity including managing, guiding and directing his people to achieve organizational objectives. The judging process is also different as per the levels, front liners and supervisors will be interviewed but the regional managers are to make a presentation with a Q & A session."

There are 19 industry and product categories with some sub-divisions. Under each product and industry category there will be three awards (Gold, silver & bronze) each for three levels. The best female competitor in every level is also awarded to encourage gender balance and participation.  Judging panel comprises of professionals with experience and deep knowledge in sales and also represents a wider industry sector.  A panel of judges of three to four are allocated for an industry / product and they will sit through the process to ensure consistency in judging

SLIM invites companies to send in their entries before 16th June 2017. The entry kit can be downloaded at  For entry kits and further details call Dimithra:  0703463171 or Manthika: 0773359170

Since its inception, the NASCO awards have helped enhance the sales professionalism in Sri Lanka.

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