Mobitel introduces Internet at your Doorstep with “Internet Expert” Featured

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The National Mobile Service Provider, Mobitel has launched its unique “Internet Expert” service which includes doorstep delivery of Mobitel 4G Wi-Fi Routers and Post-Paid Internet Packages. The “Internet Expert” doorstep delivery service will not only bring your 4G internet connection to your doorstep but also assist you with the technical know-how and set up of the router and the connection. Mobitel has introduced a series of Post-Paid internet packages to cater to unique customer requirements where the customer can select a package and even get the 4G Wi-Fi Router of their choice for free depending on the Post-Paid internet package selected. 

As the caring network, Mobitel has introduced this service so that anyone who wants a Mobitel 4G high speed internet connection simply needs to call the hotline on 1717, make a reservation, and the “Internet Expert” will bring the router along with the package to the address given by the customer. The “Internet Expert” will be able to answer any of the customers internet related questions and demonstrate the functionality of the router to the customer as they are fully equipped with the knowledge and are experts in the technical aspect. No more does the customer need to make a visit to a showroom, but rather have it set up at the comfort of their home. The service is extended for the 3 main types of 4G Wi-Fi routers sold by Mobitel. The 4G Wi-Fi router models on offer are Huawei E8372h Wi-Fi Wingle which is a dongle that is also a Wi-Fi router and can be used on the go, Huawei E5573 Mobile Wi-Fi router which is battery powered router that can be used stand alone and on the go and the Huawei B310s Wi-Fi router which is a desktop router that provides connectivity to your home or office premise.

Connectivity to the internet has become a necessity in today’s day and age where it keeps you connected, provides users access to the wealth of knowledge available on the internet and helps you simplify your day to day lives. Wi-Fi at your home will let customers and their families receive connectivity and use the internet services for the entire requirement of the family on the multiple devices used within a household.

In order to enjoy this service, you simply need to call the Mobitel hotline on 1717 and request for the Internet Expert to visit your doorstep at your convenience.

Last modified on Wednesday, 12 July 2017 14:07