Go Digital… Mahindra’s call to Innovate Committed to bring new digital innovation with Ideal Motors in Sri Lanka Featured

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Sanjay Jadhav - Vice President, Head of International Operations - AFS (South Asia), Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd and Nalin welgama – Chairman Ideal Group Sanjay Jadhav - Vice President, Head of International Operations - AFS (South Asia), Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd and Nalin welgama – Chairman Ideal Group

Colombo: Today technology has become an integral part of our lives and the need to stay connected is a basic necessity. At the US$ 19 billion Mahindra Group, Digitization is emerging as a key differentiator for business transformation and connected vehicle technology . Connected vehicle technology has been evolving over the past decade to address customer's needs and the convergence of technological solutions into the mobility space is gaining further relevance.  Mahindra  has always been at  the  forefront of technological pioneering with several technology firsts to its credit and they believe in the crowded market place. Mahindra believes that digitisation will keep them ahead of competition and give sustainable growth to the Company.

One such example is DiGiSENSE, a revolutionary technological solution that connects Mahindra vehicles, tractors, trucks and construction equipment to the cloud, opening up a whole new dimension to the experience of vehicle ownership. After all it is about adopting technology to develop new ecosystems and there are manifestations of it even in businesses such as tractors and commercial vehicles. Mahindra recently launched TRRINGO, an organized tractor rental service and SmartShift, the digital marketplace for intra-city logistics.

Sri Lanka, as a nation is on the brink of  digitisation with several initiatives by the government to migrate towards a Digital economy.  Sri Lanka is a step ahead of other South Asian nations with digital penetration, infrastructure & connectivity. This gives Mahindra an opportunity to partner in this journey of Digital Sri Lanka, with innovation led services for consumers. Together with  Ideal Motors, Mahindra has plans to bring new digital initiatives, customized to the needs of the Sri Lankan customer, thus transforming industries with innovative solutions and better consumer experience.

DiGiSENSE which is digitally enabled sensing, will be available across Mahindra's breadth of mobility products from commercial and passenger vehicles to tractors and construction equipment. Mahindra is one such company that has integrated its product line-up onto a cloud-based technology platform. If anything, DiGiSENSE empowers owners, fleet operators, drivers, dealers and service teams to access vital information about their vehicles, trucks, tractors or construction equipment on a real time basis from the driver's seat and afar.
DiGiSENSE will empower customers to digitally build knowledge 24X7 about the performance and location of their vehicles. Drivers can contact emergency breakdown services or pull up a route planner at the touch of a button. Fleet owners and dealers can track the location of their vehicles in real time, while remote diagnostics and reports allow service teams to monitor the vehicle's health and productivity parameters on a real time basis. It is the first of its kind technology platform which is multi application and multi product enabled

In a country where farm mechanization penetration is low, Mahindra would like to play a significant role in enabling its farmers to improve their productivity and Rise by providing accessible technology. The TRRINGO farm equipment rental business model will enable farmers to deploy mechanization technology on a pay per use basis without investing in the asset. This will increase their output and prosperity and lead to the inclusive growth of the country.

TRRINGO will be an e-commerce startup which will provide the brand promise of equipment availability, commitment and performance, to transform lives of farmers, enabling them to Rise. TRRINGO is a first of its kind technology driven model in the tractor rental business for those farmers who may not be able to afford their own tractor and farm equipment. The TRRINGO service will operate on a dual business model.


SmartShift is a technology enabled load exchange platform. The Mahindra Group is all set to ride the digital wave by exploring new horizons and rapidly adopting technology towards developing new ecosystems.

SmartShift will act as an exchange platform for cargo owners and transporters, enabling them to work mutually with each other.  Mahindra regularly challenges conventional thinking and creates disruptions with its unique product and service offerings. It is a digitally enabled value added service which would benefit both the cargo owners and transporters. A platform or marketplace that connects load owners and transporters can bring significant efficiencies. The resulting reduction in cost and travel time would delight the end consumer. SmartShift will be the marketplace for load transport within cities.

With one of the widest range of products, Mahindra is set to offer a unique customer experience as a key differentiator in the market. Coupled with the digital initiatives and new business ecosystems, the Company along with Ideal Motors, is set to further expand its reach and add value to the consumers in Sri Lanka, enabling them to Rise.