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The British Council in Sri Lanka announced the reopening of its newly revamped Colombo and Kandy premises with celebrations on 27 September in Colombo and 29 September in Kandy. British Council Country Director Keith Davies OBE attended the event alongside the Chief Guest, Chair of British Council Christopher Rodrigues OBE and Honorary Guest Rohan Gunatillake a trustee of the British council.

The Chief Guest, the Chair of the British Council noted that ‘The objective of the British Council is to be an indispensable asset to the British nation in the third decade of the twenty first century. This will be done in partnership with nations around the world, and we are in over 110 of them, in which we make connections, bring education, arts, culture, civil society and work on what’s important to the nation as well as what is important for Britain. These buildings are evidence of our commitment to Sri Lanka.’

With a focus on enhancing opportunities in mastering the English language alongside expertise in arts, education and society, the British Council has positioned itself as a leading facilitator in these fields with long term commitments and significant investments in related programmes. These programmes are focussed but diverse, often celebrating the country’s strong community of creative professionals with in house residencies and workshops. In education, programmes such as Connecting Classrooms have linked over 300 schools in the UK and Sri Lanka, provided training to 250+ teachers and developed the leadership skills of over 150 head teachers in the country. Earlier this month, the British Council was also recognised as Brand of the Year-Education in the English language category by the World Branding Forum.

Since its opening, the library has withstood the test of time and technology to establish itself as one of the main libraries in the country. In addition to its three libraries in Colombo, Kandy and Jaffna, the British Council also recently launched its first offsite library at Orion City. Recognising that a library must offer both a refuge from the outside world but also a connection to it, the British Council has continuously sought to modernise its systems to accommodate new technology and ways of learning for a smoother, more efficient and a much more connected library experience. The Colombo, Kandy and Jaffna libraries offer a remarkable collection of over 70,000+ books and access to numerous online sources and resources to improve language skills and prepare for a range of exams including IELTS, Cambridge English, IGCSEs, O-levels and A-levels.

Speaking at the opening, British Council Country Director Keith Davies said ‘The completion of the premises project has been a key milestone and we at the British Council as well our customers and partners have a lot to celebrate. However our work in Sri Lanka is more than focus on real estate and premises. Our work in Sri Lanka is about collaborative projects, it’s about bringing the best of the UK in Sri Lanka through sustainable relationships with our stakeholders.’

The re-launch event celebrated Sri Lanka’s diverse cultural heritage with performances by groups such as Baliphonics, Kingsouth, JDS Beats Trio and Sri Lankan-American acoustic singer Melonina. The official ceremony was followed by a cocktail reception for invitees.

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Colombo, September 30th 2016: Sri Lanka’s pioneering total skin care treatment clinic, Christell Skin Clinic is revolutionizing skin care treatment with the introduction of the latest scar camouflaging treatment for the first time in Sri Lanka.

Almost everyone will at some point of their lives end up with a scar due to an accident, sports injury, burn wound, stretch marks, stitches or likewise. Although some people learn to live with these scars, many are conscious of the effect that they have on their outward appearance. These scars do tend to fade with time but in visible locations such as the face, neck, or hands they can be a constant distraction.

Meanwhile some people also suffer from a skin disease called Vitiligo, which is a long term skin condition characterized by patches of skin losing their pigmentation. This causes much physical and emotional stress to anyone living with it. There is no permanent method of camouflaging these scars with most using temporary methods such as make-up to cover it up.

Both of the above areas have had limited treatment options thus far. Even if a scar removal surgery is performed, in most instances the scar will remain visible even in the slightest form. However, Christell Skin Clinic’s “Medical Camouflaging” changes the way scars are treated dramatically.

The new technique introduced at the state-of-the-art facility in Colombo 4 can be used to cover up any scar for up to three years. It can also be used to match any skin colour and can be performed on any area of the body. The treatment which has been tried and tested globally can also be carried out on any patient as the clinic only uses non-allergenic pigments for the procedures.

Since its inception in 2014 with a team of cosmetic physicians, trained medical staff, a professor of cosmetology and a team of cosmetologists specializing in the areas of skin care, hair and beauty, Christell Skin Clinic has quickly established itself as a force to be reckoned with.

All treatments at Christell Skin Clinic are supervised by a medical doctor with the procedure carried out by trained staff and cosmetologists. If you want to benefit from medically proven and reliable procedures that will make you look and feel your best - call Christell Skin Clinic at 0115841932/0112508735/0769 288 244 or visit our website at

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Colombo, September 30th 2016: Alliance Finance Co. PLC (AFC), one of Sri Lanka’s oldest and trusted finance companies, recently celebrated 60 years of unparalleled service spanning four generations of customers in Sri Lanka. To mark this momentous occasion, the company also revealed an extension to its logo. The regal court of arms now has the number 60 added to it to mark six decades of creating lasting bonds with four generations of loyal customers.

AFC is one of the most recognized and trusted names in the financial services industry today, reputed for its innovative and inclusive financing solutions. Commencing operations six decades ago, with a mere five employees, today the company counts 1,200 employees across the length and breadth of the country.

AFC’s current product portfolio in investment solutions comprises of savings and fixed deposits, while its financing solutions portfolio consists of leasing, hire purchase and gold loans, and its own innovative collaboration finance product. Led by its Triple Bottom Line philosophy of People, Planet and Profits, AFC has infused strong values in its business that enables it to be a sustainable business entity.

Alliance Finance is renowned for its financial stability and unparalleled quality of personalized service delivered consistently over the last six decades. Currently, Alliance Finance serves a customer base of over 133,000 active customers with a portfolio of Rs. 19.3 billion through a network of 87 points of presence across 23 districts nationwide. Its head office at No. 84 Ward Place, Colombo 7 is today a landmark in the city. For more information on the extensive product portfolio offered by AFC, please call 0112 673673 or visit their website

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Four social entrepreneurs from MTI’s ‘idea2fund’ platform were selected and awarded a start-up grant from Mr. Ricky Mendis to kick-start their ventures. The entrepreneurs; Anoma de Alwis, Chathurika Kahavita, Bhagya Galawatta and Shalini Wickramasuriya presented their ventures and was awarded the seed funding by Mr. Mendis.

‘idea2fund’ platform was developed to recognize the most innovative entrepreneurial ventures in Sri Lanka. To that effect, these four women-led ventures served that purpose with innovative ways of addressing social issues with varying degrees of social impact. Below is a brief summary of the ventures that were presented:

Anoma de Alwis, a retired banker from Mahawewa, Chilaw, had the concept of producing egg cartons re-using old newspapers. Her venture addresses the waste management issue in the country plus the need for eco-friendly products.

Similarly, Chathurika Kahavita’s venture aligns directly with the eco-craft theory: she intends to connect people to each other via quilled designed handmade cards. It’s handmade which guarantees creativity, uniqueness and a human touch to it.

Bhagya Galawatta’s venture is a peanut-based ready-to-use therapeutic food (RUTF) that targets pregnant and lactating mothers and children under the age of 5 years suffering from severe acute malnutrition in Sri-Lanka.

In contrast, Shalini Wickramasuriya’s venture is to promote learner-centric education in English language. Her methodology is to foster and improve English by listening and learning which has been tried and tested with successful results.

‘Social entrepreneurship is needed to resolve the greater issues that society faces and the challenge lies in developing social ventures that are ‘sustainable’ over time. To that effect, ‘idea2fund’ has identified these four ventures and it’s my pleasure to support them at their nascent stage to become truly impactful in the future”, said. Mr. Mendis. ‘Social ventures are needed to solve, innovate and disrupt societal issues and challenges. I would like to give my personal thanks and appreciation to Mr. Mendis for taking time out to listen, support and encourage aspiring social entrepreneurs of Sri Lanka’ said Mr. Hilmy Cader, CEO of MTI Consulting.

Mr. Mendis, a philanthropist has supported many education and innovation initiatives, has agreed to seed fund aspiring entrepreneurs in his personal capacity in order to encourage young entrepreneurial talent.

MTI Corporate Finance is the corporate finance arm of MTI Consulting, a boutique strategy consultancy with a network of associates across Asia, Africa and Middle East. MTI Corporate Finance provides a comprehensive range of services, including due diligence, feasibility studies, funding new businesses or capitalization of existing ones – from IPOs to private placement facilitation, M&A facilitation, and advisory on governance, compliances and risk management.

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Cyaniq, the content-specialized communication consultancy partnered Kasper Holdings, the IoT-driven automation start-up to conclude a successful seed funding round for the latter.

Kasper reached out to raise funding for its bleeding-edge IoT home automation platform expected to be in prototyping early next year. The start-up has succeeded in raising the necessary funds from an investor group of eminent local businessmen who are now engaged with mentoring and overlooking the market-readiness of the project.

Cyaniq partnered the project at an early conceptual stage of the project and has been fully involved in the development of the marketing plan and business model. The successful funding round was preceded by a period of nearly eight months, during which time, the idea was fine-tuned and modelled to reach its present level of market feasibility. “We’ve been fortunate enough to find ourselves involved with a number of highly exciting start-ups in the last year, and Kasper is a great example of the kind of work we’ve been doing. We are committed to helping businesses and brands reach their fullest potential by way of communicating simply and effectively, regardless of their objectives. We are really happy about the way things turned out. Raising funds in Sri Lanka is still a difficult task, especially for a business idea that is in concept stage. We hope to see more good things in the future as investor confidence increases and their risk appetite follows suit,” commented Dilshan Senaratne, Founder – Cyaniq.

The product in development is expected to revolutionize the automation space with a host of unprecedented features being introduced to challenge established automation norms. Kasper employs an industry-tested team of innovators, well-versed with the most current technologies, all of which has been utilized in the development of the new product. The product combines cloud processing, IoT, pattern recognition, active learning and analytical system architecture to introduce new dimensions in automation, including advanced consumption monitoring, device management and active behavioural learning. The product is pending two patents and will adopt a top-down market entry, prioritizing luxury homes and condos upon entry to the market.

“Our vision for this product has remained convincing and relevant throughout the process of crafting the most feasible business model for it. We are convinced of the potential this product has for performing in the highly competitive automation industry, not only in Sri Lanka, but regionally as well. The technology is cutting-edge and we are confident in our ability to deliver on the expectations we have for the product,” expressed Kasun Dissanayake, Director – Kasper Holdings.

With the meteoric rise of the IT and innovation industries in the local business landscape, Kasper is occupying a promising position for growth. The initial prototypes of the Kasper automation product is scheduled to be tested early in the next year and the product is expected to go to market later in the same year.

Cyaniq is a small-time consultancy with a big-time vision to enable brands and businesses to achieve their fullest potential by communicating simply. Established in 2003, the company has been successful in working with a top-tier clientele of local and regional brands. Today, with nearly 300 projects in completion, Cyaniq has positioned itself poised for rapid growth, specializing in content creation, communication strategy and a host of auxiliary services. | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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