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Pure indulgence, Memory Foam Mattress – Heavenly Pure indulgence, Memory Foam Mattress – Heavenly

April 4, 2017: In today’s busy world, making sure that you get the right quantity and quality of rest each night has been proven to be vital to long-term health, happiness and well-being. More often than not, it tends to be the mattress which people sleep on that can make the difference between a peaceful night’s rest and a fitful night of tossing and turning.

Designed to provide users with utmost comfort while ensuring finely calculated orthopedic support, Hayleys Eco Solutions is making waves in the domestic market with its carefully engineered selection of mattresses – comprised of its premium Heavenly and Supreme Bliss brands, together with its popular Orthopedic Mattress and the specialized Dreams Baby Mattress - each tuned to meet the varying needs and preferences of different user demographics.

The most recent addition to the Hayleys range of mattresses is the 10.5 inch Heavenly range of luxurious Spring Mattress designed to enhance sleep quality by sending your body and mind into a state of deep relaxation. Consisting of a Pocketed Spring Unit which reduces partner disturbance, this lavish mattress is topped with multiple layers of comfort foam, Perforated Latex and Memory Foam. Completed by an anti-bacterial/anti-microbial knitted fabric with fire retardant qualities, the Heavenly range is a truly remarkable Mattress that is guaranteed to ensure a wonderful night’s sleep.

The brand’s premium range of mattresses is rounded out by its highly popular Supreme Bliss collection. Manufactured from locally sourced natural coir and latex combined with a Pocketed Spring Unit similar to that found in the Heavenly mattress, the Supreme Bliss range is an ideal choice for customers seeking a balance between optimized comfort and value for money.

In addition to its premium range however, Hayleys Fibre has also produced new innovations that are rapidly emerging as a preferred choice in the Sri Lankan market, such as the Company’s specially designed Dreams Baby Mattress. An all-natural non-toxic Mattress, specially designed for newborns, and toddlers. This coir mattress allows enhanced breathability which effectively improves airflow. The well ventilated surface also reduces heat rashes and the firm surface provides good support for growing bones. Custom designed to fit your baby’s cot.

Notably, the Dreams product is currently considered to be the safest and most natural mattress for infants and toddlers in the market. The enhanced airflow enabled by the special design may minimize some of the risk factors associated with Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is a risk that can occur during an infant’s sleep.

According to scientific research an infant’s sleeping environment is directly connected with such risks. Experts advise parents to take a series of cautionary steps to reduce the risk of SIDS including steps such as providing a firm sleep surface and ensuring that the infants sleep on a cool surface with sufficient internal air flow.

Rounding out the selection of Hayleys Eco Solutions is the Orthopaedic Mattress. Manufactured with a high density Rubberized Coir block, gives you a firm surface providing extra lumbar & neck support by perfectly placing pressure on your hips & shoulders. Finished with a 100% cotton cover it enhances breathability creating a cool environment. This all natural eco-friendly product is particularly suited to provide natural and long lasting relief from back and neck aches, enhancing body posture and giving you a soothing sleep you richly deserve.

Hayleys Eco Solutions has been a market leader in manufacturing and exporting world renowned eco friendly coir products such as coco fibre, coir twine, flock and needled felt, geo blankets, geo textiles and geo logs for over 100 years.