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May 17th 2016; ‘Being highly organized…..leaving nothing to chance…..standing by on a 24/7/365 basis have become the watchwords of Hemas Hospital’s Accident and Emergency (A&E) unit. Regardless of the hour of day or night, team of experienced healthcare professionals are focused on getting the patient stabilized. Incorporating all the elements of emergency care, Hemas Hospitals recently underscored the importance of acting promptly when a trauma occurs and the priority of having the patient moved to the closest Emergency Care available, keeping in mind the precise nature of the trauma and avoiding handling them in a wrong manner, which might be more injurious.

Offering the highest level of trauma care is a core component of Hemas Hospiital’s emergency medical system. The level of care for injured patients is continuously pursued through clinical care services, active research and education. The facility and its staff members provide 24-hour care, 365 days of the year, standing by to receive, stabilize, and treat those whose lives are threatened by multi-system, brain and orthopedic injuries, and those at risk for multiple system organ failure.

Dr Panna Gooneratne, Group Director, Clinical Excellence at Hemas Hospital Group said “In the world of health care, trauma is known as the great equalizer. Emergencies come unannounced, anywhere, at any time. Trauma doesn’t discriminate, and it can happen to anyone. That’s why it’s important for doctors and nurses to stay on top of their game, and ready to save lives when the clock is ticking. That is our offering at Hemas Hospital multi-chain”

The hospitals have special ambulance services, geared and equipped to particularly handle trauma victims of fall from heights, where preliminary medical care can be given at the scene. From neck collars, stirrups and spinal boards, the A&E mobile unit becomes the first line of trauma management, which is vital for patient’s complete recovery, mitigating risks associated with bad management of such trauma victims.

In cautioning the general public on preliminary steps in handling victims of fall from heights, Dr Gooneratne was emphatic on the futility of trying to move such a patient. “Never attempt to lift or move them, as that may cause irreversible damage like snapping of spinal cord if there is a lumbar fracture etc”, he stressed.

“Most often and due to ignorance, when a person falls from a tree or a ceiling (as in the case of a carpentry mason, tapper) or any height and in an attempt to help or rush them to the nearest hospital, patients are either lifted, dragged or made to sit, while transporting them to medical care” commented Dr Gooneratne. “The effects of this could be worse than the impact of the fall itself,” he went on to explain.

In a touching tribute to the hard work the trauma team puts in each day, and the integral role they play in providing compassionate emergency care, Dr Gooneratne said “It’s our mission to provide first-class service and high-quality care and the team is fully committed to our mantra – every second counts”.

“The comprehensive, multi-disciplinary A&E urgent care services in our premises is open 24 hours, 365 days of the year and staffed by experienced doctors and nurses who deliver initial rapid assessment and treatment and fast transfer to specialty units for patients who require highly specialized neurosurgical and other treatments by those specialty teams” Dr Gooneratne expressed.

“Patients suffering from major traumas, such as falls from heights, head or spinal cord injuries, multiple broken bones, or internal injuries, require a team of experts to reduce the chance of death or disability and the sooner arrangements are made to transport them immediately to emergency care, the better for them – as every second counts”, summed up Panna Gooneratne.


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Diversified conglomerate lays groundwork for expansion by attracting FDI and via new investments in international FMCG operations and healthcare retail outlets

30th May 2016: Diversified conglomerate Sunshine Holdings PLC has posted a strong performance for the year ending 31st March 2016 (FY16), improving the Profit After Tax (PAT) of all its business segments, while laying the foundation for further expansion with a number of new investments and initiatives.

According to results issued to the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE), for FY16, Sunshine Holding’ PAT grew to LKR 1,218 million, a significant 16.3% improvement year-on-year (YoY).

Net Asset Value per Share increased to LKR 42.78 as at end FY16, compared to LKR 39.24 at the beginning of the year (FY15). Earnings per Share (EPS) too improved to LKR 4.34 in FY16 from LKR 3.62 in FY15.

Despite challenges, particularly in the Agribusiness sector, Consolidated Revenue was up by 6.7% YoY to LKR 17,422 million. Three of the five divisions – Healthcare, Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and Packaging – reported double digit growth in revenue while the Renewable Energy division too improved its revenue. The Agribusiness sector enhanced its PAT despite a reduction in the top-line – as part of a strategic move to reduce volumes and further enhance focus on quality in the Tea sub segment.

Healthcare, represented by Sunshine Holdings’ fully-owned subsidiary and one of the country’s largest distributors in the healthcare space – Sunshine Healthcare Lanka Limited (SHL) – was the main contributor to group revenue in FY16 (accounting for 41.1% of the total). It expanded well above the growth of the overall market. Revenue was up by 17.9% YoY to LKR 7,161 million in FY16 while PAT was LKR 327 million, an improvement of 41.2% YoY.

The FMCG sector, represented by Watawala Tea Ceylon Limited (WTC), the country’s largest branded tea company, reported a Revenue of LKR 3,440 million for FY16, a growth of 18.0% YoY. This was on the back of both price and volume growth, the latter largely driven by Watawala Tea – the country’s single largest tea brand. PAT from FMCG grew 7.7% YoY, to LKR 423 million in FY16.

Agribusiness, represented by Watawala Plantations PLC – the country’s largest manufacturer of Palm Oil and one of the largest Regional Plantation Companies (RCPs) – saw its PAT expand to LKR 518 million, up by 32.5% YoY. The increase in profitability of the sector, despite severe challenges, was a result of a prudent strategic move by Watawala Plantations to cut down on its output of tea (which translated into reduction in Revenue), and to curtail losses by further improving quality.

Packaging and Renewable Energy Divisions – represented by Sunshine Packaging Ltd. and Sunshine Energy Ltd. respectively – too achieved substantial improvements in both the top line and the bottom line. Sunshine Packaging’s Revenue was LKR 362 million in FY16, an improvement of 34.1% YoY while its PAT was up by LKR 40 million – to LKR 16 million. Sunshine Energy expanded its revenue to LKR 120 million in FY16, a 6.9% growth YoY while its PAT too increased by LKR 12 million to LKR 32 million.

“Sunshine Holdings takes much pride in this strong financial performance, particularly since it represents bottom line growth across all our business segments, despite significant challenges in some sectors,” Sunshine Holdings Group Managing Director (GMD) – Vish Govindasamy said. “More importantly, these results have been achieved while laying the foundation for sustainable future growth – through investments aimed at enhancing the competencies of our staff, distribution networks and infrastructure.”

In FY16 the FMCG segment invested LKR 88 million for international expansion alone and the international marketing team will be leveraged to expand the lucrative export business.

In Healthcare, a number of new agencies are expected to be added during FY17 to further strengthen the product portfolio. The rapid expansion of the outlet network of Healthguard, the country’s premier urban pharma, wellness and beauty retail chain, fully owned by Sunshine Holdings’ healthcare arm will continue, with six new outlets expected to be opened in FY17. Therefore together with the eight Healthguard outlets opened in FY16, the network will stand at 30 outlets by end FY17. The Healthguard online store, opened during FY16 is also expected to support future top and bottom line growth.

As part of its efforts to become the first healthcare retailer in Sri Lanka to provide a service of an international standard, Healthguard also opened a dedicated training centre in early FY17, further stepping up its HR initiatives to enhance the competencies of employees.

Members of the Sunshine Holdings Group have also succeeded in attracting substantial Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) recently to further enhance and expand operations. The Group set up a commercial dairy operation in March 2016 – Watawala Dairy Ltd. – together with Duxton Asset Management, with a USD 3 million FDI infusion from the latter. In May 2016, the packaging arm of the group – Sunshine Packaging Lanka Ltd. also attracted FDI of USD 2 million from Primeco Holdings Limited – a conglomerate incorporated in Hong Kong.


Chairman, Munir Shaikh.


Group MD, Vish Govindasamy.

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Tuesday, 31th of May 2016, Colombo: People’s Bank recently relocated its branch in Mathugama to a new location in the city. The newly relocated branch allows those in an around the area to access various loan and pawning facilities coupled with an enhanced customer service experience. Along with other digitalized services customers will also have the access to a 24-hour PET machine.

The branch was ceremonially opened by N. Vasantha Kumar - CEO/General Manager, in the presence of Boniface Silva - Deputy General Manager (Channel Management), Mahinda Premanath - Deputy General Manager (Banking Support Services), Kusum Heenatigala- Kalutara Regional Manager, K.C.K Pathirana and E.R.H.S Edirisinghe - Assistant Regional Managers, J.K.K.C Thilakarathna – Manager, Mathugama Branch of People’s Bank and other well-wishers.

Since its inception 54 years ago, People’s Bank has opened its doors to customers across the country, from all walks of life, providing them with banking services that meet their unique needs and uplift their lives. People’s Bank currently serves over 16 million customers through 737 branches and its connected network of 2650 ATMs is linked to the Lanka Pay gateway.

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Colombo, May 31st 2016: Waters Edge, the favourite suburban hotel on the outskirts of Colombo will bring authentic German cuisine to tantalize Sri Lankan taste buds as it opens doors to the all-new Bavarian Garden on the 5th of June 2016. Specializing in Bavarian cuisine, the new outlet set in a semi-outdoor atmosphere will be an ideal location to enjoy recipes that have been handed down throughout centuries in Bavaria, a part of Southeastern Germany.

Commenting on the opening of the new venue General Manager of Waters Edge and renowned culinary expert Rohan Fernandopulle said, “Waters Edge has always been known for doing things out of the ordinary and the introduction of a German themed outlet will be another first for us. The recipes on the menu have been carefully selected by our team of chefs to ensure that patrons get the true taste, presentation and experience of Bavarian cuisine coupled with a range of chilled beverages. The ingredients that will be used in the preparations are also specially being brought down from Europe to ensure authenticity. We look forward to serving up great Bratwurst and Strudel to everyone.”

The Bavarian Garden will be the latest addition to the array of restaurants at Waters Edge that serve up culinary delights from around the world adding to its reputation as the “Culinary Hub of Colombo.” The outlet will be launched under the direction of the Chairman of Waters Edge Chamath de Silva and the endorsement of Hon. Champika Ranawake – Minister of Megapolis and Western Development. With an expected 2.5 million tourist arrivals to Sri Lanka by the end of 2016, the Bavarian Garden will prove to be a popular eatery for tourists and locals alike.

The carefully thought out menu at the Bavarian Garden will include appetizers such as Obatzda or the traditional Bavarian cheese dip to go along with sausage, potato or cabbage salad, and cold smoked Cabanossi sausages, all served with a choice of pretzels. Main courses include chicken Schnitzel with potato salad, grilled Cumberland sausage with sauerkraut and mashed potato, Weisswurst sausage with sweet mustard, radish and sauerkraut, Frankfurters with potato and cabbage salad, and traditional fish and chips. To finish off the meal chefs have added piping hot homemade apple strudel topped with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.


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Sri Lankan delegation for the first time represented the International Film Market at the 69th edition of the “Cannes Film Festival” from 11th to 22nd May in Cannes, South of France. This year, there was over 10,000 professionals including 3200 producers taking part the in Cannes event. This initiative to represent Sri Lanka at the International Film Market, organized with the patronage of Dr. Harsha de Silva, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, was a public-private partnership involving the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau, the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Paris, the Sri Lanka Film Cooperation, and six companies in the industry.

The Sri Lanka Pavilion designed as a platform for stakeholders to market the country saw a lot of interesting activity, with packed attendance for the interactive sessions. Ambassador Tilak Ranaviraja and the Trade Counselor Alexi Gunasekera accompanied the Deputy Minister to the Sri Lanka Pavilion, where the renowned industry personnel and other stakeholders were also present. During the 10 days, the Cannes Film Festival offered a unique opportunity to engage proactively with representatives of other countries, institutions, professional organization and producers. The pavilions, while showcasing the rich diversity of countries, made space for official engagements, media events and signing of agreements and treaties.

The exclusive networking receptions organized at the Sri Lanka pavilion attracting many producers, directors and other related professionals from many countries such as USA, Israel Japan Hong-Kong Italy, France and the UK was outstanding. It is aimed at promoting and forging ties for co-production and partnerships between Sri Lanka and these countries. Business meetings also took place between the Sri Lanka delegates and international stakeholders to facilitate business promotion and explore opportunities for partnership. The foundation was also laid to sign a co-production agreement with the French National Film Co- operation during a meeting held with the French Film authority.

At the meeting Dr. Harsha de Silva pointed out the available opportunities for the filmmakers of both states to produce films under bilateral co-production agreements. Bringing different nationalities together, this agreement would also “forge new markets and wider audiences”, the Deputy Minister added. The agreement that is intended to be signed at the 70th edition of Cannes will further support archiving of Sri Lanka films and digitalization of the Sri Lanka cinema. A second Agreement that has been discussed and will be signed with the organizers of the Cannes film festival and the National Film Cooperation of Sri Lanka will allow networking opportunities with international producers and conducting of training sessions for Sri Lanka film makers to develop cinematographic skills. French Film Producer Philippe Avril, General Manager of Les Filmes de l’étranger, also signed an MOU with Film Island/Sri Lanka.

Ambassador Tilak Ranaviraja speaking at the inauguration of the networking session pointed out that the medium of film provided a great platform to showcase the culture and diversity of a country. P.M. Deepal Chandraratne, Chairman, National Film Corporation, M.L. Subasinghe, Working Director of the National Film Corporation, Dushan Wickramasuriya, Director Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau and Ms. Ganista Rasanayagam, Commercial Secretary of the Embassy of Sri Lanka represented at the Sri Lanka Pavilion in this maiden venture. Private sector representatives included Gopi Dharmarathnam, Mrs. Nihara Ratnam, Priyanga Kumarasiri, Nishantha Padmakumara Udaya Dharmawardana Mrs. Iranthi Abeyasinghe, and Priyath Salgado.


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