Mobitel CCTV solutions offers real-time, remote monitoring of homes Featured

Published in Telecommunication
13th June 2017 Colombo: Sri Lanka’s National Mobile Service Provider, Mobitel, now offers unimaginable convenience for customers by retailing attractive packages to secure their homes, apartments or offices, payable in easy installments on certain credit cards through the year, coupled with a 3-year warranty. Continually looking to expand and upscale its services, the new CCTV (Surveillance) packages make security and safety the number one priority for its customers. CCTV solutions are a growing requirement in the local market where customers are now growingly concerned on the safety and security of their homes and loved ones while away. This ability to stay always connected to be able to have real-time information available at your fingertips helps owners to travel in peace, knowing that their premises have been secured with smart devices where there they can view what is going on at any given time through their smartphones from anywhere in the world.

The Mobitel CCTV solutions are available at Mobitel retail outlets. Mobitel is offering 5 packages which offer varying levels of CCTV coverage and access for indoor and outdoor usage based on the customers requirement. Apart from CCTV solutions, the packages also include many other unique features. The CCTV solution comes with a free Mobitel 4G LTE Wi-Fi router with a connection in order to provide remote connectivity. The products come with a 3 year warranty for manufacture defects and are of highest quality standards. Further information about the packages can be accessed on the Mobitel hotline 0710401717 or via