Kelani Cables PLC offers customers who have been with the company for 50 years a range of newest LED bulbs


Kelani Cables PLC being the number one brand in secure electrical and communication cables in Sri Lanka subsequently ventured into producing LED bulbs. The company recently unveiled its newest LED Bulbs range to the Sri Lankan market.

Keani Cables PLC has built a reputation with its secure electrical and communication cables and maintained it over a period of 50 years and that led the company to venture into producing ‘Kelani LED’ bulbs in the ‘Kelani Lighting’ product range.

Kelani lighting products too have secured trustworthiness in the marketplace just as Kelani electrical and communication cables.

Sri Lankan households can now benefit from a range of ‘Kelani LED’ bulbs that have a greater lighting capacity of Watt 3 to Watt 11 and come in Daylight and Warm Light types. The bulbs come in both Screw type and Pin type with a Two-year warranty.

‘Kelani LED’ newest bulb saves electricity by 85 percent and has a 15 year lifetime. This will surely support people in our country to keep their electricity bills from soaring.

Anil Munasinghe, General Manager Marketing, Kelani Cables PLC, speaking of newest ‘Kelani LED’ Bulb said Kelani Cables PLC ventured into producing LED bulbs in addition to producing secure electrical and communication cables after a comprehensive study revealed the need of better LED bulbs by the Sri Lankan households.

“’Kelani LED’ bulbs serve varied purposes of Sri Lankan consumer. We have superior products that emit more light and have a greater reach. That is the USP of Kelani LED bulbs. This newest range of LED bulbs we introduced today has greater emission power and greater lifetime. Consumers who complain about low emission of light from various LED bulb products have now become loyal customers of ‘Kelani LED’ bulbs. While all other LED bulbs emit a conical shaped light Kelani LED clear bulb emits light to spread fully. Hence ‘Kelani LED’ Bulb could be treated as just the product for any household”, said Munasinghe.

Kelani Cables PLC is a one hundred percent Sri Lankan company serving the nation for 48 years manufacturing electrical and communication cables. The company achieved “Super Brands” status in the electrical and telecommunication sector in 2008 for professional supremacy it demonstrated in the electrical and communication cables sphere.

In 2012, Kalanai Cables PLC clinched the bronze award for the excellent business brand category at the SLIM Brand Excellence. It clinched gold at the SLIM Brand Excellence once again in 2013 for the same category. The company secured gold at the SLITAD People Development – 2013 award ceremony for the contribution it has made towards training and development of the work-force plus up-keeping their welfare.

Kelani Cables PLC is the proud recipient of ISO 9000:2008 certification for quality, ISO 14001:2004 for better environment management, National Standards award and the gold winner of Taiki Akimoto 5S award.

In 2015 Kelani Cables PLC was conferred with the Asia’s Best Employer Brand award. Kelani Cables was recognized for sustainable development at the National Green Awards in 2015. The company bagged Silver award for best organizational CSR brand under the B2B brand category at the SLIM Brand Excellence awards in 2015.

National HR Excellence Silver award in 2016 and Green Reporting Gold award at the Presidential Environmental Awards in the same year are other achievements.


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