Maliban Malt: The First Malted Food Brand to be endowed with the prestigious SLS certification


Maliban Malt, a Sri Lankan brand that has maintained high quality in production, nutrition value generation and an original Malt taste from the very moment it entered the Sri Lankan market, has been endowed with the prestigious Sri Lanka Standards certification (SLS). It is the first and the only Malted Food brand in Sri Lanka to be recognized and certified by the Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI).

Under the Maliban umbrella, Maliban full cream is its flagship brand that has carved a strong image for its wholesome nutritional qualities. Maliban Hi-Cal’ Gold is High Calcium Non-Fat Milk Powder formulated to provide the recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of Calcium from one glass. The fundamental difference this product brings is the enriched natural milk calcium, designed for individuals with special Calcium needs. Maliban Fit & Slim Non Fat Milk Powder is formulated with the minimum levels of fat (0.6%), designed to complement the rising trend of healthy living lifestyles. Maliban Vitagen which is formulated as a nutritional supplementary powder. Enriched with Nutrients, Vitamins and Minerals it is designed to cater individuals with special nutritional needs such as diabetics (Low GI).

The Maliban Philosophy of always ensuring that every product that leaves its gates is at its best as well as affordable to the consumer, has been the secret behind etching their brand name across generations of loyal customers who know the brand to be customer centric. This also drives Maliban to ensure the products goes through continuous improvements to ensure it caters to the evolving requirements of the consumers out there.

With research & development stretching for over 6 months to develop the right formula, Maliban Malt ensures the natural goodness of an enriched malted foods, packed with nutrition to fit the Sri Lankan Market. Maliban Malt is produced internationally and brought down to Sri Lanka, where its packed conforming to strict quality standards administered by a highly skilled team of quality assurance professionals and food technologists.  The Product is higher in malt taste which is a key pillar for its success in a highly competitive market segment.

Mrs. Theja Gunawardena Quality Assurance and R & D Manager of Maliban Milk Products Pvt. Ltd, speaking about the SLS certification said, “Receiving this certification is an honor as this makes Maliban Malt the only product in its category to be certified by the independent government body, SLSI. The people of Sri Lanka can now buy Maliban Malt with more confidence and assurance of consistent quality. We will regularly monitor the standards to ensure only the best products are offered to our consumers. Through improving our products on an ongoing basis in combining research and innovation, we will continue to provide the customers with high quality products, at a reasonable price.”

CEO Sales and Marketing Mr. Ravi Jayawardena said, “Maliban is a heritage Sri Lankan corporate that is committed to high quality manufacturing practices, superior standards and innovation while maintaining our founding chairman’s vision. As a result we have managed to win the heart and minds of both local and overseas customers.” Jayawardena also mentioned that as a brand champion for nutrition, good health and wellbeing, the Maliban brand is supporting the community by giving opportunities for farmers who are entrepreneurial and or requiring alternative income methods through their ‘Abhayadhaana’ program. They plan to continue in giving back to the community in more ways whilst offering the best products that will elevate the wellbeing of the consumers both local and international.

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