NCW Holdings of Australia Commences its Sri Lankan Operations


Addressing the media representatives who participated in the ceremonial Launch of the Sri Lankan operations of NCW Holdings- the prestigious Australian specialists in Facility Management Services – Mr.Naveen Wijewickrama, Managing Director,NCW Holdings stated that, he was happy to announce that NCW Holdings will expand, extensively improve and refine its services, in Sri Lanka, from now on.

This event took place at Kingsbury Hotel Colombo,enabling the members of the media to obtain a comprehensive view of the advanced facilities, NCW Holdings will provide for the benefit of Sri Lnkans.

The Sri Lankan operations are enriched by a group of disciplined and highly trained young professionals, who are exceptionally qualified to bring in an ultra-new experience, to the field of Facility Management Services in this country. They are ready to elevate these services to a higher and more sophisticated level.

“Our commitment is to present our clients a totally fresh experience, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment”, Mr.Wijewickrama said.

Mr Naveen Wijewickrama, an expert in all areas of Hospitality services, possessing extensive familiarity  with advanced methods and techniques, through his grasp of local and international trends, over many years, describes his experience: “ I reside in Australia, upholding the image of Sri Lanka, in that country. I was able to expand my business enterprise, within a very brief period of time. It is a matter of great happiness for me to state, that I was able to establish myself firmly, in the three sectors – Facility Management Services, House-Keeping Services and Building and Construction activities. It is with tremendous pleasure that I state here, that 200 well-trained young men and young women from Sri Lanka are employed at NCW Holdings – the Parent Company of this local operation. I am humbly proud, to introduce myself as the Sri Lankan owner of a Business Enterprise, contributing, our services to a whole host of internationally recognized institutions. I make this statement, because, I have been able to guide many Sri Lankans, to make their dreams a reality.  Being able to establish a Branch of NCW Holdings in Sri Lanka, as the beginning of a yet another step in this process, is indeed a victory won by our Company.”

Continuing his statement, Mr.Naveen Wijewickrama said: “Our company has been able, to expand into a New Era, beyond the limits of traditional Housekeeping services that existed until recent times. Today, the opportunity has dawned upon us,  that will make it possible for us to provide a unique and reliable service to all the institutions in Sri Lanka, in accordance with international standards, utilizing the latest technologies, to the maximum. I am extremely happy to state, that it is our Institution that has created the opportunity to the young men and women of our country to obtain new avenues and ways of employment. Besides, it is our Institution that offers the highest range of salaries in Sri Lanka, at present.

Hon. Ministers, Members of Parliament, experts in various fields, Media Personnel, members of the Business Community, Sports Personalities and other distinguished individuals graced this occasion.

About NCW Holdings Australia

NCW Holdings Launched in Australia,by the Sri Lankan entrepreneur Mr. Naveen Wijewikcrama, in 2005 was able to earn the trust of many of the foremost organizations in that country. Of those, the giant enterprises HSBC, THOMAS DUX Grocers, Kmart, TARGET, Woolworths and Dan Murphy’s, stand out. Utilizing the experience gained over a decade, the parent organization – NCW Holdings – pursues its business activities, through such fields as Hospitality, Consultancy Services, Public Building Maintenance, Facility Management Services, Concept Development and Business Management Services etc.

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