ReeBonn Cosmetics introduces ReeBonn Herbal Anti Acne Gel and ReeBonn Herbal Facial Cleanser to the Sri Lankan market as the sure remedy for Acne


ReeBonn Cosmetics, one of the leading herbal cosmetic companies operating in Sri Lanka introduces its two newest products; ‘ReeBonn Herbal Anti Acne Gel’ and ‘ReeBonn Herbal Facial Cleanser’ to the Sri Lankan market.

The two products have the power to rid the skin of Acne infections and dark patches and show results in just three days.

Natural Kohomba (Neem), Lemon essence, Tea Tree oil and other natural herbal attributes recommended by indigenous Ayurvedic attributes of medicinal value are used as raw material to manufacture the two products. These elements contribute towards suppression of Acne and elimination of dark patches.

‘ReeBonn Herbal Anti Acne Gel’ and ‘ReeBonn Herbal Facial Cleanser’ are 100 percent soap-free. Furthermore, these products contain a Ph value that is in harmony with the skin.

Mr. S. Sivarajah, Managing Director, ReeBonn Cosmetics speaking at the unveiling ceremony of the two products said, “The Reseach & Development division of ReeBonn Cosmetics company constantly research on introducing natural herbal products to the Sri Lankan market that help women solve their cosmetic problems. Our newest products; ‘ReeBonn Herbal Anti Acne Gel’ and ‘ReeBonn Herbal Facial Cleanser’ are results of a research that we have been engaged in for a significant period towards producing products that could suppress Acne”.

He added, “The specialty in ‘ReeBonn Herbal Anti Acne Gel’ and ‘ReeBonn Herbal Facial Cleanser’ are, their prowess to produce results within three days by ridding the skin of dark patches and suppressing Acne.”

‘ReeBonn Herbal Anti Acne Gel’ comes in a 30 gram pack while ‘ReeBonn Herbal Facial Cleanser’ comes in a 120 ml container.

Commissioned in 2005 ReeBonn Cosmetics (Pvt) Ltd manufactures a wide range of herbal cosmetics which are in heavy demand locally and internationally.  Among its herbal products are; Shampoo, Silicon Conditioner, Rinsing conditioner, Black henna, Face wash, Fairness cream, Body soap and Hand wash liquids. ReeBonn cosmetics are exported to Japan, India, Middle East and Maldives.

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