Sera’s Advanced Technology Offers Goodness of Freshly Squeezed Coconut


Since its launch late last year by CBL Global Foods, ‘Sera Real Coconut Milk’ has rapidly expanded its market share to become a household brand across Sri Lanka. CBL Global Foods is backed by parent company Ceylon Biscuits Limited (CBL), a leading local food conglomerate, reputed for brands such as Munchee, Ritzbury, Tiara, Lanka Soy and Samaposha. CBL’s fame as a truly Sri Lankan conglomerate with a strong social mandate is well entrenched, as is the fact that the company places the utmost value in providing products that are innovative. The genuine taste and wholesome goodness of Sera further offers customers a delicious and convenient choice.

Staying true to its promise of delivering an authentic product, CBL has established a sustainable supply chain network by sourcing only the best quality coconuts sourced from local farmers. This ensures the authentic taste of Sera that consumers know and have come to love – while making an economic contribution by supporting livelihoods of the local coconut farmers.

CBL has repeatedly pioneered innovation and infused advanced technology in its manufacturing processes. The processing technology that Sera leverages on, is one of the most innovative in South Asia, established with an investment of Rs. 2 billion. This top-of-the-line technology is the secret to Sera’s real coconut milk promise, as it facilitates the manufacturing of coconut milk without any additives and preservatives. As a result, Sera’s specialized process ensures the product is as close to the ‘original’ – if not better, due to its sheer convenience.

‘Sera Real Coconut Milk’ can claim to be ‘real’ because it contains only water and coconut extracted from the shelled kernel and no further additives. The extraction process ensures that each nut gets the maximum extracted from it, allowing no shell remnants to affect the taste. The highly efficient process ensures optimum yield of the coconut in line with the company’s policy of sustainable use of resources.

Further, the process includes Ultra Heat Treatment, which ensures that the coconut milk is free from micro-organisms and is packaged aseptically, preserving its aromatic condition, with no added preservatives or additives. The use of steam infusion coupled with tetra packaging further helps seal in the flavor, doing away with the need for artificial preservatives. This method is so effective that it has exceeded international standards and is now being exported to many countries.

Commenting on Brand Sera’s success, Asitha Samaraweera, CEO of Global Foods says, “We are pleased to see impressive strides made by the Sera brand since its launch less than a year ago. Considering today’s busy lifestyles, more people are seeking products that save time and effort. Sera was conceptualized to fill the demand for a wholesome and convenient coconut milk product which would do away with the cumbersome process of cleaning, scraping and extracting milk from coconuts. We have taken care of all these steps in our innovative processing technology. CBL has leveraged on state-of-the-art-technology to seal in freshness, flavor and thickness retaining the authentic taste. Moreover, the thickness of Sera real coconut milk makes is ample to make 3 curries, extending a clear value-for-money and convenience proposition, without any preservatives and additives. Sera real coconut milk is a safe, homely and healthy alternative to suit modern lifestyles.”

Retailing at Rs. 75 per pack, Sera is real 100% real coconut milk with no artificial flavours, colours, additives or preservatives, with a shelf life of one year. This enables the product to be stored safely in large quantity in our pantries, making sure it is close at hand at all times.

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