Wendesiya Revolutionizes Online Entertainment Landscape In Sri Lanka Through Unique Bid Auctions


Wendesiya – the best reverse bidding online portal to hit the Sri Lankan market has turned a new page in online entertainment by offering unbeatable prizes for its winners; is slated to make further disruptions in how Sri Lankans use devices for entertainment.

The latest on offer is an iPhone 7 Product Red with 128GB memory with the competition ending on 31 August at 3PM. The subscriber who places the lowest and most unique bid received within the offer period would be eligible to win the prize and his or her name would be announced at the end of the competition. The innovative competition turned a new page in Sri Lanka’s online entertainment market and during its three months in operation has been highly popular among local mobile users especially youth. Wendesiya can be accessed by clicking its URL bit.ly/bid7171   .

Any Dialog subscriber could join the competition by paying the daily subscription Rs 5 (plus taxes) and thereby becomes eligible for five free SMS per day. The subscriber could opt for another 25 SMSs a day (Rs 2 plus taxes payable). A subscriber could join by using one of the two methods of subscribing, namely, by sending BID to 7171 or via the Web by clicking bit.ly/bid7171. Bids can be placed by typing BID < space ><Your Bid> and sending message to 7171.

According to winners the odds of winning in this competition is greater than even a winning a lottery and Wendesiya hopes to offer exciting prizes such as latest smartphones, motor bikes, new gadgets and devices in the very near future.

Latest winner Mr. Deshan Chathuranga of Bujjanpola who clinched Apple iPhone SE Gold 16GB, had this to say:-

“Competitions offered by Wendesiya are not only very exhilarating but is also popular for offering exciting prizes. We are eagerly waiting for the future surprises it has in store for the Sri Lankan market.”

A unique bid auction is a type of strategy game related to traditional auctions where the winner is usually the individual with the lowest unique bid. Unique bid auctions are often used as a form of competition and strategy game where bidders pay a fee to make a bid, or may have to pay a subscription fee in order to be able to participate.

This type of competition requires bidders to place bids that are unique bids. That is, for a bid to be eligible to win no other bidder can have made a bid for the same amount. Bidders are generally able to place multiple bids and the number of current bids at each amount is typically kept secret. In a lowest unique bid auction, the bid that is the lowest and unmatched when the auction closes is the winning bid. Unique bid auctions will typically allow bids to be very precise, in that each bid can be specific to the ‘cent’.


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